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On The Up: Lili Caseley

While her career may only be taking off just now, Lili Caseley has always been musically-inclined - “From being little, I used to write poems, get up on the dinner table and sing!”. Hailing from Camden, but with French and Portuguese roots, Caseley has dedicated a good amount of her life to music, which certainly comes across in all her upbeat and emotive tracks.

Caseley’s new single C'est La Vie is out now, and is the first release from a new independent label, Hoax. In fact, she was their first signing. She’s had quite the journey to this stage - “I left sixth form after a year and joined a hip-hop group, who I was with for about three and a half years. Starting out with a group was a good experience, as you have your friends around and you’re all very supportive.”. She definitely feels this helped her get ready for setting out on her own, as “with the group, I’d go into the studio and just write all weekend, which was helpful to prepare me for spending a long while writing on my own.” “Sometimes now I go into the studio and just want to write a banger!” she laughs, “and sometimes though I do use music to express how I feel, I think it’s a good way of working out how you feel.”. Caseley admits that coming from London has afforded her opportunities that artists outside the capital might not have, and says “it gives me a lot of perspective to meet people who haven’t had the privilege I have. I meet a lot of artists who aren’t from London, most in the city actually aren’t!”.

While she’s releasing C'est La Vie at an unprecedented time for the music industry, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Caseley says she’s trying not to let the situation get to her. “It’s been kind of different stages of processing it all for me, but obviously I’m not going through what some others are, like losing jobs! I did have a few gigs planned, that have obviously been cancelled, including a single launch.” Despite her live events being cancelled, she’s made use of Instagram and other outlets, including the , to continue performing. Caseley says she intends to “keep a momentum”, something she’s found to be very important. “Once, I went about nine months between singles, and I found the drop-off in attention was really large, so I’m trying now to keep my fans engaged, putting material out as often as I can!”

How is she feeling about the near future? “You’ve really got to take every day as it comes. I’d love to do more live shows, tour overseas. I’ve already played in France, and I think my favourite place here is the Camden Assembly.”

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