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EP Review: Scatterchild - Parallel Lines

Manchester-based alternative group Scatterchild have just released their blazing new EP, Parallel Lines.

Opening with Icarus, a slow-burning track which catapults into a Queen-esque kaleidoscope of power-driven vocals and soaring guitars, Scatterchild immediately set out on a road of fervent alt-rock, trespassing through lines of heavier punk riffs and softer piano intros. Complete with a rugged DIY arrangement, the video for the track zooms into figures on a greyscale photograph, before ending on a short clip of the band’s frontman playing guitar. The band also released a live piano version of Icarus, placing the song in an even more emotional light.

The EP takes an even grittier spin in the form of Target No.9’s booming basslines and grainy vocals. Made up of guitarist and vocalist Jay Plent, and drummer George Addison-Atkinson, Scatterchild enlisted the help of Oystercatcher's Tom Chapman on bass, bringing a new level of depth to the track.

In the final part of the EP, title track, Parallel Lines is a raging build-up of screaming riffs and thrashing drums, making way for Plent’s raw, emotive vocals to rip through its foundations. Sylvette’s Ashley Garrod makes an appearance on bass, providing a fiery support to the duo’s waves of roaring instrumentation.

Recorded and engineered at White Lion Studios, Plent’s slick production style blends hard-hitting rock with subtle, slowed down instrumentals, which draw on the likes of Foo Fighters.

The Parallel Lines EP is the duo’s first release under the name Scatterchild, after changing their name from Too Cool Kid earlier this year. Founded in 2013, the group previously supported Everything Everything at a show in 2016, and have won multiple awards, along with releasing their debut EP The Candidate last year.

The band’s latest release brings them to a dizzy new height, taking on the raucous energy of Manchester’s live music scene, and propelling them towards a heavily anticipated future LP.

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