• Heather McAleavy

EP Review: André Angelo and Emma Konnanov – Daydreaming

From metal to EDM, André Angelo and Emma Konnanov’s transatlantic project proves they won’t let location nor genre be a boundary in their collaborative EP Daydreaming.

German producer Angelo met Manchester-based singer-songwriter Konnanov when their previous bands Inflator (nu metal) and TriedDenied (pop rock) played a show together three years ago. This lead to a two-year-long writing process between the pair as they collaborated on his debut solo project which moves through R&B, dance and EDM. Despite being almost 800 miles apart, when listening to the quality of Daydreaming’s four tracks, there’s a connection between his production and her vocals that withstands the distance.

Each track is centred around romantic and platonic relationships, with Konnanov’s sugary sweet vocals perfectly capturing the loving essence or contrasting against the lyrics of hurt. For the most part, her soft notes hold up well against the powerful instrumentation built up around her, especially in EP opening So Right where the emotion is rife. However, in the following track Vacancy, the deep drum and bass drowns out her long, gentle melodies and isn’t quite as distinguished as intended. This issue is thwarted within the next two tracks though as the balance is found once more.

Angelo’s production skills are mostly conveyed as well-established with an understanding of how to successfully blend elements, although some sections are deemed more experimental and still developing. For example, the warped synth heavily featured in the title track is too disjointed and fails to connect with the rest of the instrumentation, while the half-time beats in the chorus leave an anti-climax. In spite of this, the intricate piano melodies in this song and the twanging guitar in So Right add texture in such a subtle yet effective manner. His introduction of heavier EDM in the closing track Knocking is his strongest offering as he controls the prominence of the deep instrumentation to not overpower Konnanov, allowing both the hard and soft to coincide as they both reach their full potential as individuals.

While there are still minor teething issues as the pair find their balance, Daydreaming is still a very strong debut output, especially considering Angelo’s roots are planted in metal while Konnanov’s are in a whole other continent. With more collaborations expected in time, this is a duo who are bound to grow together.

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